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Exciting new French co-operation with SA

Dean Latimer and SECF President Dominique de Bellaigue sign a historic new co-operation agreement.TSA chairman Dean Latimer and Mike Mthembu of the KZN Department of Sport and Recreation returned recently from the World Trotting Conference in Paris sporting an historic new co-operation agreement with SECF, the French racing regulator, paving the way for the Trotteur Francais breed to be established in SA.

The agreement provides for Trotting South Africa to administer the Trotteur Francais stud book, as well as a generous subsidy program to establish the
famed breed which traces back in ancestry to Napoloeonic military days
locally.  France also provides the world’s biggest pari-mutuel betting

 “The co-operation with France, continued government support and generous sponsorship of Gold Circle is a sure-fire recipe for continued success,” enthused Latimer. “The program is a definite economic stimulus and employment creator in our rural areas”.    

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